Becoming a Plumber

Must Have Plumbing Books

Whether you are interested in simply doing your own home plumbing or learning the plumbing trade you wont get very far without the humble book. I hate to admit it but plumbing books are better than websites when it comes to learning, even these new kindle devices don’t float my boat and I am a big gadget lover. Nothing will ever compare to picking up a hunk of paper and flicking to the page you need.

Qualifications YOU Need

About Plumbing Technical Certificates

The Technical Certificate is for anyone who has not been a plumber for approx 5+ years, they simply won’t just let you do an NVQ straight off. The tech cert gives you your core training as a Plumber, there is stuff in there that will take ages to digest if you truly want to be a good Plumber. I recommend the day release, it will be cheaper to take a day off a week that spend £6,000 on one of these courses

Working Abroad

Spain Certificado de Industria

This is a spanish document about Certificado de Industria, it is scanned from paper, converted to text and translated to english, dont expect it to make a lot of sense but you should be able to grasp the basics from it. Obtaining Certificates Clean industry and its Influence *** Industrial Security Manager and Protector Ambierztal […]

Qualifications YOU Need

Step By Step List of Plumbing Qualifications

Welcome to the maze that is ‘Plumbing Related Qualifications’ lets dive straight in and look at some of the most popular recognised courses. They are in the order that they need to be completed in. Most are available from local colleges or through fast track or privately funded organisations. I will also be bringing you some free plumbing courses in a later blog, so call back soon or check the Courses page.

Becoming a Plumber

Becoming a Plumber (Part 2) Fast Tracks

Fast track courses offer you the option to get qualified quickly and some even offer home study. The qualification won’t be industry recognised unless it is City and Guilds accredited; it must also lead to Technical cert 6129 or the NVQ 6089, more on these soon. You can achieve this in 6 months.

Becoming a Plumber

How to Become a Plumber

There are a few different ways to become a plumber depending on your age and experience. It normally takes years to become qualified but there are fast track courses. You don’t necessarily need qualifications to do some plumbing jobs but if you want to work for a company you will definitely need some formal qualifications. From 2010 anyone working on a building site will need an NVQ in their trade. There are also a number of useful plumbing books out there but I will cover them in a later post. The best way to gain skills and experience is through training and working with an experienced plumber.

Working Abroad

Work as a Plumber in Australia or Abroad

For qualified plumbers working abroad is an option. NVQ/SVQ levels 2 and 3 with a technical certificate are recognised in most European Countries, Australia, Canada and the America. Immigration issues aside (which could fit plumbers-Australia-jobs into a whole other blog) If you wanted to work as a plumber in Australia you would normally need to secure work before you go to the country which can be very difficult. Another option would be to get a 1 year working holiday visa then travel to the country with savings to support you until you find work. This makes it easier to gain citizenship. Working in Europe is easier as you can work anywhere without gaining visas but on the flip side there is a big language barrier.

Plumbing Lifestyle

Plummer’s Working Conditions and Lifestyle

If you work for someone like British gas, apart from being called a ‘Technical engineer’ (a very vague title if you ask me) you will reap many benefits such as steady work, security, earning over 30k, new van bought for you, paid leave, sick pay, tools, pension, a support team (the list goes on) …Pretty sweet, right? This type of work is suited to most people but as you can imagine there is a lot of competition to work for larger companies. As a fully qualified employee most of your time will be spent in the field fixing, fitting and maintaining domestic heating systems. You will usually need more qualifications to be an employee, especially if working with gas. Working for smaller businesses may be more achievable but there are less perks the further down you go…

Female Plumbers

Female Plumbers

Plumbing is a male dominated trade but more women are working as or training to become plumbers. Women in plumbing a required to have all the same qualities as male counterparts, dedication, hard work, determination to learn and improve.
Often people will be surprised to see a female plumber knocking at their door but on the whole people are positive about it.

Plumbers Earnings

Plumbers Wages

Before I go into figures I will say that there is a LOT of variation in pay and the figures stated are only approximations based on research. What plumbers get paid depends on experience, education and where you live. Ask yourself: Is there a demand in your area? Or are plumbers adverts all over the classifieds page begging for work?

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